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Cyberpunk 2077 is an open world action RPG game enriched with FPS elements. The Polish studio CD Projekt RED is responsible for its creation, which gained international fame thanks to the best-selling Witcher series. The title is based on the Cyberpunk 2020 license — a role-playing game created in 1990 by Mike Pondsmith.

Cyberpunk’s 2077 action takes place in the title year 2077. However, this is not a vision of the future based on modern ideas, but rather dystopian retrofuturism straight from the 1980s. While the world is ruled by greedy megacorporations that control every aspect of citizens’ lives, the underground is the kingdom of various gangs. In addition, thanks to technological progress, people can benefit from special implants and body modifications that increase their psychophysical capabilities.

The game takes us to Night City, an American metropolis located in the north of the California coast, which can “boast” the highest crime rate in the entire United States. Although rich citizens living in the center of this multicultural melting pot enjoy life in luxury, they are only a fraction of society; the rest are doomed to misery or engaging in illegal activities.

During the game, we play the role of V, a beginner mercenary fighting for survival in brutal reality. The source of inspiration for the story told here was the noir cinema, and the direction in which the story will go depends on our decisions and actions.

In addition to exploration, the main element of the game is to perform tasks ordered by neutral characters. Many missions have a non-linear structure, and how we can accomplish them depends on our individual preferences. Therefore, we can engage in open conflicts with encountered opponents (like in racial FPS), eliminate them by surprise and look for alternative ways to reach the goal (which can help hacking security skills) or even try to make risky arrangements so that it does not reach for strength solutions. Talking also plays an important role. The moments important for the story are presented in cutscenes, where we can see the protagonist in all its glory.

Although the game has a classless hero development system, the available skills (which can be freely mixed) come from three specialties taken from a paper original (Solo, Netrunner and Techie). The possibilities of V are also increasing due to acquired equipment. The authors provide us with an extensive arsenal that includes both melee and firearms; the latter has been divided into three categories, for example power weapons (traditional weapons), tech weapons (firing bullets breaking through walls and obstacles) and smart weapons (able to locate targets on its own).

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